Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – SO TRUE!!

Yesterday, I didn’t plan a thing for me.  It showed.

I ended up with about 4 hours of sleep the night before, and not all at once.  That does NOT equal a me who is functional on all levels.  It also meant that I skipped my morning workout in favor of 2 of those last 4 hours of sleep…by the time I had a spare hour between work and my brother’s 40th birthday dinner, I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone think about working out.

I didn’t pack a lunch. I didn’t pack a snack. I grabbed ONE bottle of water.  Not good for someone whose office is their car for the entire day.  I did end up going to the drive thru out of necessity, but I got a side salad (basically lettuce since I took all of the fatty yummy seeds, croutons, cheese and dressing off) and waited until I had 15 minutes to swing by my house.  I put on a smidge of my own better-for-me dressing and wolfed it down.

For a snack when I was starting to have serious stay awake issues (again, NOT good when I’m not only trying to work but DRIVE), I stopped and got a small coffee and a Kind bar.  Could have been worse.  At this point in the day, I tried to use my beloved food/exercise tracking app (ps – you can friend me – TaraMKL) on my phone, but it was acting up and wouldn’t work right then.

At dinner, I didn’t have many options and I was so tired — I just decided to enjoy.  Had a few stuffed mushrooms, some lasagna a big salad, a piece of bread and two small glasses of wine.  I also had just a taste of the desserts instead of a gigantic serving of all of them, which is what the tired, emotional me WANTED to do.

I think something new for me is that instead of saying “Screw today – this sucks!” like I would have done even just a few months ago, I decided to do the best I could and minimize the damage.

The first thing I did this morning was sit down and plug it all in.  I ended up almost 900 calories over my goal, but as I put in the foods that I ate, instead of punishing myself for having such a big eating day — I actually was kind to myself as I realized what I *could* have eaten instead and how much worse it would have actually been.  BIG PROGRESS over here in the be as nice to myself as I am to others department.

Sooooo, basically — if you are looking for a Coach who has perfect days ALL of the time and works out like a badass EVERY day…you haven’t found her. If you are looking for someone to walk beside you as she navigates her own journey in the midst of real-life chaos and at the end of the day wants to just feel good about the choices she’s making in the hopes that she is growing as a person?  You might have found her.   🙂

Happy Saturday!  I’m actually looking forward to a workout this afternoon — gonna “Burn some goo” as Tony Horton likes to say.


About taramljourneytohealth

This is it -- my story, my family's story -- the good, the bad, and the very, very stinky. Usually the bad days make the funniest stories...fair warning, they usually involve poop and some level of tears (possibly mine).
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