Tuscan Bean Soup

I just ate the last of a batch of my favorite homemade soup and posted on FB that I was sad there is none left for tomorrow.  A friend requested the recipe and when I posted it, someone else said I needed to pin it…DONE.Image

It truly is the easiest, yummiest, good-for-you soup recipe I’ve ever tried.  You know those little mini-recipe books they hand out at health fairs and the grocery store?  I think this recipe came from one of those throwaway things from the heart association about 15 years ago, so don’t ever throw those little gems away without looking through them first!

Anyway, I love this soup and make it A LOT.  Every person that’s ever tasted it has always asked for the recipe.  (My husband even likes it a lot…it’s literally the ONLY recipe I have never seen him pick a tomato or onion out of.)  Do yourself a favor and try it at home! It’s perfect for this time of year — when I see my friends in Dallas posting snow pictures, it’s definitely soup season!


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This is it -- my story, my family's story -- the good, the bad, and the very, very stinky. Usually the bad days make the funniest stories...fair warning, they usually involve poop and some level of tears (possibly mine).
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